The following regulations have been made in order to enable the management to shape and preserve a natural area for the benefit of nature and for future generations of visitors.


They are essential to combine proper respect for the dead with a suitable management and planting programme in order to create a woodland that is peaceful, pleasant, ecologically rich and a fitting memorial.


  • Burials will only proceed after receipt of the correct documentation.

  • Embalmed bodies will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances.

  • The normal burial plot will contain one interment only. Neighbouring plots may be reserved in advance.
  • Reservations may be transferrable with the consent of Kelsey Woodland.

  • Only natural, biodegradable materials will be permitted for coffins, shrouds etc. If there is any uncertainty, please contact the management.

  • Flowers and other tributes may be placed on the grave following interment and will be removed at a later date.  Flowers may be laid on graves at anytime.

  • The placing of artificial flowers, toys, ornaments or other non-biodegradable objects is not permitted.

  • No exhumations will be permitted except by lawful authority.

  • Any religious or non-religious service is permitted as long as it complies with the law and is respectful of the Natural Burial Ground.

  • Burials may be organised by a Funeral Director or by the family.

  • The Burial Register will be available for inspection by prior arrangement.


  • Scattering or Burial of ashes is by arrangement.
    Plot may be purchased.


  • Must be appropriate for a Natural Burial Ground, and agreed with the management in advance.

  • Memorial trees and bushes must be from the approved list, and must also fit in with the planting scheme so that a sensible distribution of species is planted and can be maintained in the future.

  • Flowers and flower seed may only be scattered if they have been approved in advance (many seeds sold commercially are inappropriate for this woodland).

  • No picking of plants is permitted. Kelsey Woodland will manage and maintain the Burial Ground.

  • Benches (with or without plaques), bird, bee or insect boxes, or similar, are all welcome.


  • Should behave in a law-abiding and respectful manner in keeping with the nature of the site.

  • Should wear appropriate clothing for a field/woodland.

  • Owners must keep dogs on the lead, and remove their waste.

  • Visitors should keep to the paths in order not to disturb the wildlife, eg ground-nesting birds.

  • There are no litter bins – visitors must take their litter home.

  • Switch mobiles to silent.

  • Should park in the car-park and not in the lane.

  • We accept no liability for injury to any person, damage to or loss from any vehicle whilst visiting the burial ground.




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